‘May’ White Hibiscus Floral Print Swing Dress

may-white-hibiscus-floral-print-swing-dress-p941-10024_zoom (640x640)
Image: http://www.lindybop.co.uk


Lindy Bop (UK)

Material Composition:

97% Cotton 3% Elastane


A lovely bright dress, it boasts a beautiful neckline – almost heart shaped. It has an A-Line skirt, as well as a beautiful floral pattern; a repro print from the 50’s. The piping around the bodice gives the dress a nice finish. I opted for a UK10. It’s still a little too big on the shoulders, as well as across the chest area. However, a smaller size would definitely be too small. Perhaps it’s the cut, I’m not sure, but it’s a nice dress anyway.

Another thing I must point out; although this is great for summer, the material a little too heavy, which is not something I expected from my favourite material composition.


£9.00 in the sale (original price £30.00), plus £3.00 for shipping.




14 thoughts on “‘May’ White Hibiscus Floral Print Swing Dress

      1. I have just begun to go with more color, my favorite is purple, I used to think green and red where my colors but some one told me I look like a Christmas tree…so cruel 🙂

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      2. Purple is such a lovely colour! I am so sorry. I giggled… just a little. A Christmas Tree. I giggled again. Red and green are fabulous colours!

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      3. haha, but not when your hair is also red, perhaps a bit much. On the other hand I could string some lights and be out the door. 🙂

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    1. I always wait for the sale. Wouldn’t have as much as I do if I didn’t! Apologies for the late response. Thought I had responded to all comments already. xo


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