‘Onassis’ Black Sweater & Pinup Couture Jenny Skirt in Dancing Horse Print

20160507_150013 (360x640)


Skirt – Pinup Girl Clothing (US)

Top – Lindy Bop (UK)

Material Composition:

Skirt – 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

Top – 70% Viscose 30% Nylon


Skirt – Absolutely fabulous. I love it. Although you cannot see it, the horses are bright pink with gold trimmings. Compliments wherever I go, this skirt is a delight to wear. I normally pair it with a black top, but I have now purchased a pink top to change the look a little. As usual with Pinup Girl Clothing, the quality is excellent. I am so pleased I decided to go for this skirt in the end, after much deliberation. Definitely a must for one’s wardrobe.

Top – Normally, I go for a UK 12 due to my bust, however, after reading a couple of reviews, I noted that this style top comes up rather large. Apparently, it is meant to be quite baggy, but I do not like my clothes fitting as such. So, I opted for a UK 6. I was right! Perfect fit. Stretchy fabric, this top is so lovely and is very comfortable to wear. I now have it in at least eight different colours!


Skirt – $63.70 in the sale (original price £98.00).

Plus shipping – free US shipping over $100*, free international shipping over $350.00*. Please note, if you do not live in the US, please check the country in which you reside as there may be Customs & Duty to pay upon arrival.

*Terms and conditions apply

Top – £6.00 in the sale (original price £20.00), plus £3.00 for shipping.


Both – Yes

Other Information:

Belt ~ Pinup Girl Clothing (US)

Brooch ~ Amazon


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